About Us

Breakers Resort and Beach Bar has been in the Brown family since 2004 and presently is owned by the third generation son, Timothy Patrick Brown, since 2016. It previously was a Comfort Inn from 1989 to 2013. Our lobby building has an older history, dating to the 50’s as a “mom & pop” restaurant. Later the four story hotel was added and built on the waterfront.

In 2017, Mr. Brown envisioned and conceived the possibilities of a Lake Huron waterfront restaurant for a unique indoor and outdoor dining experience like no other in town. Thus in 2019, a third building, designed by David Argano, a prominent local architect, was magically nestled between the hotel and beach to create the first waterfront hotel restaurant in St. Ignace. The New England styled architectural design of this restaurant, nicknamed “The Club”, features a copper cupola and weathervane which is uniquely visible from the inside of the centered bar. The Club is “the heart of the hotel"…for breakfast in the morning and dining and relaxing in the evening. When dining at night, an outdoor patio glows and sparkles with a square fire pit, built into the waterside structure.

While working on the “Club” in winter 2019, we completely upgraded 25 guest rooms on our third floor with 22 large and small changes, including a “new fresh face” for our pool and spa. We waited and watched to get the guest’s reactions to all the improvements during our 2019 summer season. Upon rave reviews, we then proceeded to duplicate the exact changes to the remaining 75 rooms for our 2020 summer season.

Mr. Brown’s mother, Tricia Verhelle Brown, was a budding artist and had placed two of her paintings in each room which we refreshed and reframed. Their whimsical style features delightful Mackinac Island views and a gazebo in a lush garden setting, ala her inspiration from the Lilly Pulitzer patterns, defining the theme for each bedroom’s vibrant color schemes. (Copies can be purchased for a modest price at the office, already in a travel tube).

Mr. Brown continues to have his select team of dedicated managers and excellent housekeepers, both local and international, ready to serve you and carry on the Brown family tradition of hospitality of his late mother and father. Please be our guest and continue with us the stories still to be told of Breakers Resort and Beach Bar.

NOTE: When traveling in Michigan or to the Florida Keys, take a look at our other properties. We have a room waiting for you! Take a look here.